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Mother of Megnthi

The use of mehndi and turmeric is described in the earliest Hindu Vedic ritual books. It was originally used for only women's palms and sometimes for men, but as time progressed, it was more common for women to wear it. Haldi (staining oneself with turmeric paste) as well as mehndi are Vedic customs, intended to be a symbolic representation of the outer and the inner sun. Vedic customs are centered on the idea of "awakening the inner light". Traditional Indian designs are representations of the sun on the palm, which, in this context, is intended to represent the hands and feet. Sujok is a SU means HAND and JOK means FOOT.

Sujok therapy is a South Korean therapy which was originated by Prof. Park Jae Woo an eminent Korean philosopher and Scientist. Sujok is a combination of two words. In Korean language SU means HAND and JOK means FOOT. So he named the sujok acupressure. It is very easy to learn within few hours and is a natural drugless therapy and have no any side effects.

There are five parts in our body protruding from our trunk. Two arms, two legs and a head. From our palm and sole of the foot four fingers and a thumb are joining out. The legs are in the center and arms are outsides. The Index and little fingers are outsides and are found to the corresponds to our arms. The inner two fingers corresponds to the legs. Looking at the left hand palm, the index finger corresponds to the left hand and the little finger to the right hand. If you look at the palm of your right hand your little finger will be corresponds to the left hand. Our legs have three joints, hip joints, knee joints and ankle joints. The middle and ring fingers also have three joints, the one connected to the palm will be corresponds to the hip, the next one to the knee and third to the ankle or heel joint. Similarly the arms are connected to the trunk at the shoulder. The joints connected to the index and little fingers to the palm corresponds to the shouders, the next joint corresponds to the elbow and third one is corresponds to the wrist joint. Our head has two joints also the thumb. The lower portion of the thumb corresponds to the neck and the upper part to the face. The portion between the tip of the thumb and the first joint on it corresponds to the face. Divide it in approximately four parts. The first part from the tip corresponds to the head, the second to the forehead, the third to the eyes, nose and ears and fourth to the mouth and chin.

The lifeline on the mount of the palm corresponds to the diaphragm, so above that is the heart and lungs. The rest of the palm corresponds to the abdomen. If we draw an imaginary straight line from the middle of the two middle fingers up to the wrist on the back of palm, it corresponds to the lower portion of the spinal cord. Backside of the thumb from the first joint up to the wrist it corresponds to the cervical and upper part of the spinal cord.

  • Sujok is the latest achievement of the Eastern medicine. It is better than all known treatment methods and is the most powerful way to keep fit and healthy without any drugs and side effects.
  • Sujok therapy is elaborated as a healing method by the Korean Scientist Prof. Park Jae Woo and has defined as one of the great natural healing discoveries of 21st century. It is done only on hands and feet.
  • Simple , easy to understand and you can learn it for a couple of day. It is not necessary to have any medical education.
  • This therapy is 100% safe and easy to perform even by the patients. Each hand and foot are the location of the systems of active points corresponding to all organs and part of the body. Stimulation of these points produce a curative effect. This method is universal.
  • With the help of sujok , various kind of diseases can be treated. There is no need for any precaution to be taken during the treatment. Since the therapy is natural and curing only the natural force in and around the body. It is one of the safest therapy ever known.
  • If you are taking other treatment like allopathic , ayurvadic, homeopathic , herbal medicine or any other , then you can take the sujok treatment along with other treatment without any side effects.
  • Sujok therapy can heal acute as well as chronic diseases in a short period without more expenses. It can be used to heal day to day health issues.


  • Sujok Colour Therapy
  • Sujok Acupressure Therapy
  • Sujok Acupuncture Therapy
  • Seed Therapy
  • Six-Ki Therapy
  • Moxa Therapy
  • Small Magnet Therapy
  • Holistic things Therapy


When people ask me what I do for a living, most often I answer, "I'm an acupuncturist". If I feel more talkative, I may say, "I'm an acupuncturist and herbalist." A more accurate answer would actually be, "I'm a practitioner of Chinese medicine." Chinese medicine is an intricate system of healthcare that goes well beyond acupuncture and herbs. A variety of modalities used together heal the body, mind, and spirit to restore homeostasis and wellness.

Here are five of my current favorite healing modalities that go beyond acupuncture and herbal medicine.


In Chinese, the term for acupuncture is "Zhen Jiu." Literally translated, this means "needles and moxibustion."

In moxibustion, the leaves of the Chinese herb mugwort are dried and then burned at specific acupuncture points. There are various ways to administer moxibustion. It can be rolled up into a cigar-like stick which doesn't touch the skin itself, but is held in one place, rotated in circles, or 'pecked' in a motion similar to a sparrow pecking at food over the area of an acupuncture point. Rolls of "moxa" can be put at the end of acupuncture needles and burned. Or moxa pads which adhere directly to the skin at specific acupuncture points can have moxa burned on top of them. The moxa transfers warmth deeply into the acupuncture point and is used to activate and move energy, as well as to warm points when cold is a factor in a given condition.

Moxibustion is frequently used alongside acupuncture for conditions ranging from asthma to arthritis. Certain types of pain respond well to moxibustion, as well as certain patterns of infertility. It's well known as a treatment for turning breech babies, and is also used in cases of excessive menstrual bleeding.


Cupping is most commonly associated with Chinese medicine, but it has actually been used in cultures across the world for many years. It has roots from Greece to Russia, Vietnam to Iran. Islamic traditional medicine uses a form of cupping as does Eastern European Jewish folk medicine. There are many styles and techniques of cupping, all of which use suction in cups to draw energy, blood, and fluids to the surface to promote circulation. In Chinese medicine, the cups can stay in one place over specific acupuncture points or a sliding technique may be used with massage oil to move the cups around the back. In "flash" cupping, a cup will be repeatedly applied to one area for less than a second. The suction comes from a vacuum created by heating the air in the cup and placing the cup flush against the skin of the back. The intensity of suction used will vary, but is always adjusted for the comfort level of each patient. Most people find the suction to be moderate and quite comfortable feeling.


The Seven-Star needle is a single needle with seven small prongs at the end. It is used with a gentle and rapid tapping motion which actually feels relaxing during treatment. It may cause slight discomfort directly on the skin, so it's important for the patient to let the practitioner know about any uncomfortable feeling.



Magnetic Therapy is the application of magnetic fields on parts of the body to speed healing, relative pain and inflammation, and improves bodily functions. The magnetic therapy simulates the earth's magnetic field and places your body in an optimum environment to heal itself.

The Healthful Benefits of Magnetism

How Magnetic Therapy is Beneficial to the Human Body


Magnetic fields upon the body help to energize and boost the rate of circulation; stimulating nutrient rich blood flow thus invigorating your metabolism by oxygenating the organs providing muscle and tissue more oxygen for mental and physical vigor while accelerating the ridding of body wastes, flushing out unwanted toxins, releasing more endorphins, the body's natural pain killers promoting repair and stimulating faster healing; improving the bodies anti-infective activity and enhancing immunity; normalizes endocrine production by helping to regulate and balance endocrine functions; affecting enzyme production for reducing swelling, stiffness and the acidity from wounds helping in reducing inflammation; stimulating colla-gen density in and around joints proven in studies to heal bones & joints faster, to help alleviate chronic pain and invigorate overall well-being.


Wounds and painful areas of the body are marked by a lack of oxygen, off pH & poor circulation. It is believed that magnetic stimulation helps with the normalization of calcium ion flow which control the attraction of calcium ions to help heal broken bones or help to remove calcium build-up from painful arthritic joints. The acid / alkaline [pH] balance of body fluids can be altered by magnetic fields; magnetic fields also alter enzyme activity & biochemical processes with the lower frequencies relieving pain, inflammation and bruising, using the higher frequencies for the relaxing of blood vessels allowing increased blood flow for a boost to your natural healing abilities. A negative magnetic field is used to normalize disturbed metabolic functions causing painful conditions like inflammation and cell degeneration. Magnetic fields put directly on top of the head has been proven to have a calming effect.


Magnetism is an all natural choice and tool whose forces penetrate into the channels and collaterality of the body to help regulate its physiological functions. Magnetic fields affect the relaxation and constriction of capillary blood vessels affecting blood flow; as proven by studies about blood microcirculation.


The ore hematite stimulates the kidneys to purify the blood, reducing body temperature and drawing fever from the forehead. The iron ore in magnetic hematite stimulates tissue regeneration, boosting the immune system to improve overall health.


Keep a chart of reflexology acupressure [Shiatsu] points to know where the most effective placement are for your ailments. Example: wear (6 hours only)your magnetic bracelet on your left wrist for back pain being the acupressure points for the spine are nearby. Wear your bracelet on your right wrist if you have gastrointestinal problems.


The North [positive] pole of a magnet has a calming & relaxing effect on the body; while the South pole [negative] has an activating and stimulating result.


Used by Cleopatra to help retain her physical youth; toxins accumulating in your body causes the acceleration of the aging process and throughout the ages magnetism has proved anti-aging effects by progressively eliminating toxins - slowing down the aging process.


Did you know? Drinking magnetized water is a way to reap the benefits of magnetic energy. Magnetized water is calming to the body. Place an 8 ounce glass of water upon the negative pole of a magnet for at least five minutes & drink twice daily as general preventative.

Illnesses Having Positive Effects by Magnetic Therapy Health dysfunctions people have stated having good results using magnetic therapy to gain relief from the many uncomfortable side effects of:

Arthritis including Rheumatoid & Osteoarthritis; Osteoporosis; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Bursitis; Tendonitis; common uses for Body Aches, Backaches and/or generalized Back Pain; abating Sciatica Disc Disease, Lumbar Spondylitis; Stress & Depression; Insomnia; Acne; helps Asthma; High Blood Pressure; fighting Chronic Fatigue, Lupus and Raynauds; Fibromyalgia; Sports Injuries as frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Achilles Tendon, Tendonitis, Sprains, Torn Ligaments, typical Muscular Pain/Cramps/Spasms; studies have proven magnets speed up the healing of broken bones; Plantar fascitis; Foot Pain from Heel Spurs and Bunions; Dermatitis; TMJ; Dermatitis; Menstrual Cramps; Headaches & Migraines; Sinutitis; rovides relief from Multiple Sclerosis, and Diabetics suffering with diabetic nerve damage also post-Polo Syndrome, neuropathy & chronic Pain.

Magnetism By Definition

Magnetism by definition is a physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge, resulting in attractive and repulsive forces between objects. In magnets, the geophysical magnetic lines exit out of the North (Negative) flow around and re-enter the South (Positive) flowing inside from the South back to the North.

The Science Behind Magnetism

Scientifically speaking: Magnetism is intimately linked with electricity, in that a magnetic field is established whenever electric charges are in motion, as in the flow of electrons in a wire, or the movement of electrons around an atomic nucleus. In atoms, this invisible field consists of closed loops called lines of force that surround & run through the atom.


A Geometrical Shape that is formed by four equilateral Triangles of same size on a square base in such a manner that they form an apex on that Square base is Known as PYRAMID.

"PYRAMID" is a greek word consisted by two words 'PYRA' + 'MID' where the term PYRA means"FIRE" and MID means "Center Core". Hence it is said that an Object which contains "FIRE" (here the deeper meaning of Fire refers to the energy field) in its Center core or Nuclei. This shows that Egyptian people were fully aware of the deeper meaning of FIRE and were using it accordingly thousands of years ago.

Though the Pyramids were discovered in many parts of world but Egypt is on the top name that comes to our mind while talking about Pyramids and their mysteries Besides Great Pyramid there are number of Pyramids found in Egypt but because of its Huge size and Mathematical and Geometrical Perfection it has attracted a big Popularity.

  • The Base of this Pyramid is around 13 acres and it is leveled to a fraction of an inch.
  • More then 2,600,000 blocks of heavy stones were used weighing from 2 to 80 tons each were put together so accurately that the joints are never more then 1/4th of an inch wide.

The Great Pyramid is so perfectly oriented towards true North, that it is only 2 minutes off. The Best modern effort with all our modern infrastructure and engineering techniques and equipments , to creat structure in True North is Paris Observatory which is 6 Minutes off and far behind from ancient Egyptians which is a miraculous example of Egyptian Perfection.

The Pyramids are like puzzle for mankind and a very little is known and more about them are still on the way. They have generated a curiosity in our minds about their power of preserving and their energy. Pyramid has a special property to deflect any type of cosmic radiations that falls on its apex downwards through its base line at the bottom where this deflected cosmic radiation, with the help of magnetic field of Earth's Gravitational Force,Creats a new and very Powerful BIO-ENERGY FIELD. Secondly as pyramid deflects all radiations that falls on its apex through its bottom from all of itsfour sides the inner center of pyramid remains unaffected and Safe and surrounded by a powerfull bio-energy field on all sides, which helps to preserve the things and objects kept in the pyramid for a long-long time.

As health aid:

Gives relief of common cold or coryza, head ache, weariness and pain in all human body. Heals quickly cuts and bruises. Water treated in the Pyramid, could be used for vitality, vigour and digestion, if drunk. The water can be used on the face as a lotion and on the hair for clearing dandruff.

For preservation of food:

Place beverages, eatables and old pickles inside the Pyramid for improvement in taste. To reduce disagreeable odour and bitterness in coffee and tea, it may be placed inside even in powder form. Juices taste better. Improves palatability of water and purifies it by ionation. Dehydrates and preserves any kind of food. Retains flowers fresh.

For mechanical advantage:

Reduces wear and tear of moving parts of any machine or vehicle when kept in the Pyramid. Sharpens blades, knives, scissors and the like. Magnetic tapes placed inside the Pyramid gives original quality. Brings shine and brightens tarnished coins, utensils and jewellery. Dry cells placed inside get charged.

For better growth of plants:

Induces better and healthy growth in plants. The period of germination of seeds is shortened. Prevents decomposition of organic matter and deodorises garbage etc.

For General well-being:

Wards off harmful occurrence and shields against evil influences. Provides Psychic aid for solving problems and worries. Used for fulfillment of some wishes. Emits beneficial effects on those around the Pyramid. A Californian business man claims that he has made a tent Pyramid which gives him a spiritual uplift and improves his sexual desires.

The primary factors required for successful pyramid experimentation are patience, precision and scientific detachment. If you are un-successful for the first time, carefully analyse what you have done. Check to make sure that your measurements are correct, that you have properly aligned both the pyramid and the object inside it. Do not give up but repeat the experiment.

At this juncture it has to be mentioned that at the Great Pyramid there are upward flowing rays emitted from the apex. Planes have been warned not to fly over the Great Pyramid, instruments in the planes go away.

Our body is a miraculous machine created by God. Our body possesses immunity power to check diseases. Nature helps us to check and cure diseases.

Prevention is better than cure. So, we can prevent diseases. Diseases can be cured by diet control. We can check diseases by undertaking fast also. A moderate eater is not prone to diseases. But one who eats more is often afflicted with diseases. The sage Thiruvalluvar says-"on modest temperance as pleasures pure, so pain attends the greedy epicure".

What after all, a human being desires is a life free of sickness. The significance of this point is further stressed by the sage Thiruvalluvar in his couplet under the chapter 'Medicine'. "No need of, medicine to heal your body's pain, if, what you ate before, digested well, you eat again" (No medicine is necessary for him who eats after assuring (himself) that what he has (already) eaten has been already digested). One should consume food after a good appetite. Presently, there is an inclination towards nature diet. This nature diet is being followed all over the world.

Among all living organisms, human beings alone consume cooked food. Animals consume uncooked food, so their life expectancy is high. Sleeplessness, restlessness, weakness, anger, and wearings affect the persons who consume cooked food.

Pyramid is a great healer. Researches are beings conducted unceasingly by the scientists of U.S.A. and Germany. In short, Pyramid is a polyclinic. Here is an example. It was a Sunday. Doctors would not work on Sundays. A middle aged lady, was suffering due to unbearable tooth-ache. One of her friends suggested her to sit inside a wooden pyramid. She did reluctantly not having belief in pyramid power. She was relieved of her pain instantly and completely to her surprise.


Mudras are easy to perform at anytime, although sitting in the lotus position and focusing on the healing can be an advantage.

Although mudras can be used for healing certain ailments, regular practise of mudras will contribute to your overall good health and can be used as a preventive measure.

Continuous practice of the mudras will create minute changes in your body using pulse centres on parts of your hands, which trigger certain healing processes within the corresponding body part.

  • Mudras are to be performed with both hands at the same time, unless otherwise specified.
  • Fingers should remain comfortable during the procedure and not held stiffly or tight

The science of Mudra Vigyan is deeply mysterious and amazing. It is not difficult to harmonize the undercurrents of the mind. Through this science it is also not difficult to achieve concentration of mind. Mudra Vigyan is most important aspect of the meditation of the supreme self. Here, Yog Mudras (gestures)are being presented as miraculous remedies, which affect some illness like an injection. Mudras can cure almost any ailment from a simple ear ache to heart attack.

Ear ache can be cured in just a few minutes, by the Shunya Mudra. Similarly, many urinary infections will be cured by the Apan Mudra. In the case of severe heart attack, Mritsanjiveni Mudra provides instant relief within a few seconds.


Our body is composed of five elements - earth, water, air, fire and ether (space). These five elements also form our cosmos. These five elements have assigned functions in our body to keep it healthy.

After intensive research, Indian sages have found that Hastamudras (hand gestures) are very important, for keeping a balance in the energy the flow among the five elements. All five fingers regulate the five elements of body.

These are as follows–

(a) Thumb Fire element
(b) Index finger Air element
(c) Middle finger Space or ether element
(d) Ring finger Earth element
(e) Little finger Water element

Thus, hastamudras are helpful in maintaining good healt hand getting relief from diseases also. Joining the tips of the fingers or pressing by thumb, regulate and balance respective elements in the body. Its daily practice can keep oneself healthy for life. It has tremendous healing power and if practiced properly, all major diseases can be cured. It also offers happiness and spiritual attainments.

Gyan mudra :

Sit down comfortably with your back and neck straight. Join tips of index fingers and thumb and keep three fingers straight. Keep your hand at your folded knee, remember to keep palm facing up. Put a little pressure on joined tips and rest of the hand would be in relaxed position. Practice it for 20-30 minutes every day.

It is beneficial for improving memory and concentration and nervous system.It also prevents headache, loss of sleep, tension, anxiety, depression and fears. It helps in spiritual attainments.

Vayu mudra :

keep your index fingers at the root of your thumbs and press it with thumb. In this gesture, index finger is in touch with middle finger. Then keep both your hands at folded knee so that palm is facing up. Put a little pressure in your palm and rest of the hand would be in relax position. Practice it for 20-30 minutes every day. This hastamudra is helpful for health problems like Gastro problems, joint pains, backache, sciatica and arthritis.

Akash mudra :

Join tips of middle fingers and thumb and keep other three fingers straight. Keep your hand on your folded knee, remember to keep palm facing upwards. Put a little pressure on joined tips and keep the rest of the hand relaxed. Practice it for 20-30 minutes every day. It is beneficial for removing all ear problems, vomiting and vertigo.

Shunya mudra :

Keep your middle fingers at the root of your thumbs and press it with thumb. Then keep both your hands on folded knees so that the palms face upwards. Put a little pressure on your palm and rest of the hand would be relaxed. Practice it for 20-30 minutes every day. This hastamudra is helpful for health problems like deafness, vomiting, vertigo and thyroid problems.

Prithvi mudra :

Join tips of ring fingers and thumb and keep other three fingers straight. Keep your hands on your folded knees, remember to keep palms facing up. Put a little pressure on joined tips and rest of the hand would be relaxed. Practice it for 20-30 minutes every day. It is beneficial for removing all digestive problems and helps to gain weight.

Agni mudra :

keep your ring fingers at the root of your thumbs and press with thumb. Then keep both your hands on folded knees so that palms are facing up. Put a little pressure in your palm and rest of the hand would be in relaxed position. Practice it for 20-30 minutes every day. This hastamudra is helpful for health problems like diabetes, liver problems, reduces cholesterol levels and strengthens the body.

Varun mudra :

Join tips of little fingers and thumb and keep other three fingers straight. Keep your hand on your folded knees, remember to keep palms facing up. Put a little pressure on joined tips and rest of the hand relaxed. Practice it for 20-30 minutes every day. It is beneficial for removing all blood related problems, skin as well as urinary problems.

Apan-vayu mudra :

Join tips of ring fingers, middle fingers and thumb and keep your index fingers at the root of your thumbs keeping your little fingers straight. Keep your hands on your folded knees, remember to keep palms facing up. Put a little pressure on joined tips and rest of the hand relaxed. Practice it for 20-30 minutes every day. It is beneficial for removing acidity, reducing high blood pressure, curing Asthma and all cardiac problems. It gives instant relief in heart attack.

Apan mudra :

Join tips of ring fingers, middle fingers and thumb and keep the other two fingers straight. Keep your hands on your folded knees, remember to keep palms facing up. Put a little pressure on joined tips and rest of the hand relaxed. Practice it for 20-30 minutes every day. It is beneficial for removing kidney stones, kidney problems, piles and helps in removing all toxins from the body.

Pran mudra :

Join tips of ring fingers, little fingers and thumb and keep the other two fingers straight. Keep your hands on your folded knees, remember to keep palms facing up. Put a little pressure on joined tips and rest of the hand relaxed. Practice it for 20-30 minutes every day. It is beneficial for removing eye and nerves related problems. It energises the body and balances vitamins in the body.

Vyan mudra

Join tips of index fingers, middle fingers and thumb and keep other two fingers straight. Keep your hand at your folded knees, remember to keep palms facing up. Put a little pressure on joined tips and rest of the hand relaxed. Practice it only for 15 to 20 minutes every day. It removes stress and cures high blood pressure problem.

Shivlinga mudra :

Clasp all fingers of both hands together keeping your right thumb erect. Put a little pressure and sit relaxed. Practice it for 20-30 minutes every day. It is beneficial for removing cough, curing common cold, asthma, esinophelia, sinus and low blood pressure problem. You must take enough liquids like fruit juice, milk or water after doing this mudra.


(For immediate result hastmudras must be practiced daily with light neurobics to restore healthy vibrations in the body for minimum 30 minutes. All these hastmudras except Akash and Shunya mudra can bepracticed while walking and in lying position also. However if Hastmudras are practiced in a comfortable sitting position, it gives better and quicker results.)

12 Tissue Bio Salts

Calcium fluoratum – Tissue Elasticity Restorer

The deficiency: furrow and brownish discoloration

Calcium Fluoride helps maintain tissue elasticity and is beneficial for conditions associated with over-relaxed fibres, general relaxation of the tissue such as piles, sluggish circulation and eczema. This would include dilated blood vessels such as with haemorrhoids, enlarged and varicose veins. Assists normal blood circulation and the treatment of cracked skin, muscle strain and injured ligaments. It may also be indicated with diseases affecting the surface of the bones, cracks and cuts in the skin and if the tooth enamel is in poor condition.

Calcium phosphoricum – Cell Restorer

Calcium phosphoricum helps building the cells, for it helps to split protein into amino acids, which are the building stones of all cell formation. It helps the build-up of blood corpuscles and may assist during teething. It also aids the prevention of muscular cramps and pain during menstruation, especially helpful for younger girls. It is beneficial for anaemia, bone diseases, constitutional weakness and ailments that prove obstinate.

Calcium sulfuricum – Blood Purifier, Purulent Agent

Calcium sulfuricum is a constituent of connective tissue, mucous membranes and skin and helps clear away accumulations of non-functional decaying matter. This material may otherwise lay dormant or slowly decay and damage surrounding tissue. Calcium sulfuricum is beneficial for slow wound healing, during the last stage of suppuration, for pimples, boils, carbuncles, ulcers, abscesses, etc. Calcium sulfuricum helps in the removal of waste products and it has a cleansing and purifying effect throughout the system.

Ferrum phosphoricum – Anti-Inflammatory

The deficiency: bluish-black discoloration

Regarded as the Oxygen Carrier, Ferrum phosphoricum is beneficial for any inflammatory or feverish condition. It is the chief remedy in headaches of children. Whenever there are ailments arising from disturbed circulation – heat, pains, redness, throbbing, or quickened pulse. It is beneficial during the first stage of acute diseases, common cold, bronchitis, measles, respiratory infection, acute rheumatism, etc. This mineral assists in maintaining normal body resistance to disease. It may also be used, after being dissolved as a paste, on wounds, cuts and abrasions where there is bleeding.

Kalium muriaticum – Detoxifying Agent

Kalium muriaticum is helpful for conditions affecting the respiratory system – coughs, colds, bronchitis, tonsillitis, as well as ulcerated sore throat, catarrhal infection of the middle ear. It also aids the reduction of mucus congestion curing colds and sinusitis. Kalium muriaticum is beneficial for the lymphatic glands and in problems associated with thick white or greyish discharges, or where there are glandular or chronic rheumatic swellings.

Kalium phosphoricum – Nerve and Brain Cell Agent

Kalium phosphoricum is useful for treatment of nervous conditions such as headaches, nervous exhaustion, dyspepsia, insomnia, depression and lowered vitality. Also consider for shingles and nervous asthma together with Magnesium phosphoricum. It is particularly valuable for emotional irritability, depression, nervousness, and children's tantrums.

Kalium sulfuricum – Metabolism, Pancreas Conditioner

The deficiency: pigmentation

Kalium sulfuricum works in conjunction with Ferrum phosphoricum, as an oxygen carrier, to have a beneficial effect on respiratory and circulatory functions. It is also useful for the skin and minor eruptions with scaling or sticky exudation such as with dandruff, chicken pox, etc. Kalium sulfuricum may also give relief from catarrhal problems associated with yellowish or greenish discharge (mucous membranes of the nose or vagina).

Magnesium phosphoricum – Pain- and Cramp-Killer

Another mineral element of bones, teeth, brain, nerves, blood and muscle cells. Magnesium phosphoricum is beneficial for the treatment of muscular cramps, spasms and minor nerve problems. It is the main remedy for complaints of a spasmodic nature, such as in colic, menstruation cramps, palpitations, spasmodic cough, toothache, neuralgia and acute pains in general. This salt quickly relieves muscular twitches, hiccups and sharp twinges of pain. Symptoms are usually worse from cold and touch, and better for heat, pressure or bending double. Take frequently until relief is obtained.

Natrium muriaticum – Water Distributor

Excessive moisture or dryness anywhere in the body is a good indicator for Natrium muriaticum, and symptoms are many and varied. One of the most important Tissue Salts as two thirds of our body is made up of water and hence dysfunction in this area can lead to widespread problems. sneezing, un-refreshing sleep, low spirits with a hopeless feeling, loss of taste and smell, dry skin, headache with constipation

Natrium phosphoricum – Acidity Neutralizer

The deficiency: pimples, impure skin

Natrium phosphoricum helps maintain the alkalinity of the blood, emulsifies fatty acids and keeps uric acid soluble in the blood. It also aids the temporary relief of gastric indigestion, dyspepsia, heartburn and intestinal worms.A constituent of blood, muscle, nerve, brain cells and the fluid between cells. Natrium phosphoricum is needed in all complaints related to hyper-acidity. Also regulates bile. Use to treat gastric reflux or indigestion, all types of inflammation particularly relating to gout or rheumatism, burning with diarrhoea and stinging vaginal discharge.

Natrium sulfuricum – Liver Cleanser

Eliminates excessive water from tissues, blood and other body fluids. It also acts as a cleanser and purifier of toxins from the fluid surrounding every cell of the body. It is necessary for healthy functioning of the liver, spleen, kidneys and pancreas. Indicated for all ailments of, or affecting the liver e.g. biliousness, liver troubles, digestive upsets and sandy deposits in urine, brown-green coating of the tongue, bitter taste.

Silicea – Skin and Connective Tissue Conditioner

The deficiency: wrinkles, crow feets

A biochemical cleanser and eliminator, Silicea is part of all connective tissue cells. It promotes suppuration and the discharge of wastes, thereby often initiating the healing process by dispersing potentially harmful accumulates such as with skin eruptions and toxic blood conditions, abscesses, boils, etc. In the first stage of any swellings


Agrimony - Those who suffer considerable inner torture which they try to dissemble behind a facade of cheerfulness.

Aspen – Anxiety, fearfulness of 'I don't know what'. Apprehension.

Beech – Critical and intolerant of others. Arrogant.

Centaury – Weakness of will; those who let themselves be exploited or imposed upon by others and who can allow themselves to become slaves.

Cerato – Those who lack confidence in their own judgement, constantly seeking the advice of others, often misguided.

Cherry Plum – Fear of mental collapse, of doing something desperate, uncontrolled temper.

Chestnut-Bud – Refusal to learn by experience, continually repeating the same mistakes.

Chicory – The over-possessive, who are constantly seeking to put others right and demanding the attention of those close to them. Usually full of self-pity.

Clematis – The dreamy sort of person who pays little attention to what is going on around them.

Crab-Apple – For those who feel unclean or ashamed of their ailments.

Elm – Temporary feelings of inadequacy. Over-whelmed by responsibilities.

Gentian – Feelings of discouragement and resultant self-doubt. Relates to faith.

Gorse – Despair and loss of hope utter despondency.

Heather – People who are obsessed with their own troubles and experiences and constantly relate these to others. Poor listeners. Saps vitality of others.

Holly – For those who are jealous, envious, revengeful and suspicious. For those who hate.

Honeysuckle – For those with nostalgia and who constantly dwell in the past. Homesickness.

Hornbeam – For those who need strength to deal with their daily duties though they usually succeed in fulfilling their task. Monday morning 'itis'.

Impatiens – Impatience, irritability.

Larch – Despondency due to lack of self-confidence, expectation of failure, so fails to make the attempt. Feels inferior. Fear of failure.

Mimulus – Fear of known things.

Mustard – Deep gloom which descends for no known cause and can lift just as suddenly.

Oak – Despair but never giving up. Brave and struggles on despite despondency. Plodders.

Olive – Exhaustion and utter weariness. Tiredness both mental and physical.

Pine – Feelings of guilt. Self-reproachfulness that they should do (or have done) better. Blames self for mistakes of others. Fear of success.

Red Chestnut – Excessive fear or anxiety for others.

Rock Rose – Terror, extreme fear or panic.

Rock Water – For those who martyr themselves in their pursuit of an ideal. Rigid-minded and self-denial.

Scleranthus – Uncertainty and indecision. For those who are one thing one minute and then the opposite.

Star of Bethlehem – For all kinds of shock. For the after effects of trauma.

Sweet Chestnut – The despair of those who feel they have reached the limits of endurance.

Vervain – Over-enthusiasm, over effort; straining. Fanatical and highly-strung. Incensed by injustices.

Vine – Dominating and inflexible. Ruthless and craves power.

Walnut – Gives protection from outside influences and over sensitivity. Link breaking remedy for transition and change, e.g. puberty, menopause.

Water Violet – Proud, aloof, superior reserved. Does not interfere in affairs of others.

White Chestnut – Persistent unwanted thoughts. Pre-occupation with some worry or episode.

Wild Oat – Dissatisfaction with not having found one's goal in life.

Wild Rose – Resignation, little desire to make an effort. Apathetic.

Willow – Resentment and bitterness. 'Not fair' attitude.

Rescue Remedy – A composite of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem. For shock, trauma, emotional upsets.


In 1856, just 16 years after its discovery, ozone was first used in a health care setting to disinfect operating rooms and sterilize surgical instruments. By the end of the 19th century the use of ozone to disinfect drinking water of bacteria and viruses was well established in mainland Europe. In 1892 The Lancet published an article describing the administration of ozone for treatment of tuberculosis. Ozone was used during the First World War to disinfect wounds.

Ozone therapy is a form of alternative medicine treatment that purports to increase the amount of oxygen to the body through the introduction of ozone into the body. Various methods have been suggested on the method of introducing the ozone into the body, and the purported benefits of this therapy include the treatment of various diseases including cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, among others. The American Cancer Society has concluded there is not enough evidence to support the use of this treatment in any disease.


Ozone Application

  • The wonderful products can produce ozone to sterilze water directly.
  • The ozone water application is as blow: Fruit/Vegetable Washing
  • To remove insecticide and other chemicals To destroy bacteria and virus
  • Fresh keeping Air Purification Office, Hospital, Medical Clinic, Laboratory, Waiting room,
  • Meeting Rooms, Bedrooms and Reading Rooms
  • Deodorization To Keep Refrigerator Fresh To Prevent Poisoning in the Kitchen
  • To Deodorize Toilet
  • To Deodorize Newly Painted Rooms
  • Sterilization Disinfection of Tableware
  • Disinfection of Baby's Milk Bottle
  • Disinfection of Scouring Clothes
  • Disinfection of Food fresh keeping
  • To Keep Vegetables Fresh
  • To Keep Fruits Fresh
  • To Keep Food Fresh
  • To Keep Beverages Fresh water Purification
  • Purifing Drinking Water



Ernst Lecher discovered the principle of measuring energy in 1890. The Lecher Antenna was developed By a group of German physicists in 1975 based on Dr. Lecher's principle. In ancient days "Intuition" only the way to find the body vibration. It cannot be proven. But now there is an instrument measures the Energy fields surrounding the physical body. To determine the physical health of clients, all fields, that is organs, parts of the body, diseases in the body have different frequencies.

The energetic field should properly centered with our physical body. The mis alignmentcauses into mental discomfort and suffering. It leads into nervousness, lack of energy, tiredness,even after a complete rest, Sorrowfulness, cannot control emotional, fearfulness towards troublesome situations. If the energetic and physical body alignment is corrected then you can recoveryour full potential, healthful sleep, able to face properly personal situations, attain your goals, turned to the right changes : Love, progress, Prosperity, Health, Satisfaction, Empowerment, Money, Happiness. Are your fields surrounding your body at their favourable point of your physical body? There are four fields surrounding your body the thermic, magnetic, electric & chromatic. Thermic fields relates to the heat surrounding the body. If the magnetic field is inside the thermic field. Your creativity will spoil. The magnetic field relates to the YIN principle.If the electric field is inside the magnetic field, if you have creativity in the mind but you can't take any action. Even you can't have desire to do that action. The electric field relates to the YANG principle.

1.1 Sacred place Sacred place; holyness
1.3 Planet Uranus
1.35 Stagnant water
1.618 Harmony with the Golden number
1.85 Diaphysis
1.9 Pipe; water flow Death; self- chosen
2.0 Pollution Death Chronical disease
2.1 Lymphatic System Tiredness
2.4 Spiritual Energies of a low order
2.5 Copper Body heat Third eye
2.6 Liver
2.75 Stones Skeleton, Bones
3.0 Uranium
3.1 Underground water vein
3.2 Large intestine
3.25 Mucous membrane, Nostrils, Lungs, Vagina
3.3 Prostate Neutralization for the antenna
3.33 Black magic
3.35 Ovary
3.4 Near death Standing in front of the gateway of Afterlife
3.5 Radon, Natural radioactivity Jaw, Sinus epiphysis Skeleton
3.6 Eyes, Skin, Hair
3.65 Appendix Appendix
3.7 Ears, Spleen
3.8 Liver
3.9 Womb, Uterus Entities, spirits of middle order

Chakra Healing & Balancing Meditation

Chakras interact with the physical body through two major vehicles, the endocrine system and the nervous system. Each of the seven main Chakras are associated with one of the seven endocrine glands and also with a particular group of nerves called a Plexus.

Thus, each of these Chakra's can be associated with particular parts of the body and particular functions within the body controlled by that Plexus or that endocrine gland associated with that Chakra.

One of the strongest associations to affect your health and well-being is that formed with your Endocrine system. The endocrine system is part of the body's main control mechanism. It comprises of a number of ductless glands that produce the hormones, acting as chemical messengers, that are secreted into the bloodstream from particular organs to stimulate or inhibit physical processes. By adjusting the hormone levels, the endocrine system works to maintain the body in a state of optimum health.

The Chakra's are linked with the glands responsible for creating the hormones. Unsurprisingly, the positions of the Chakra's, correspond to the positions of the glands in the endocrine system and have an effect on their functioning.

The link between the Chakra's and the glands emphasises the holistic nature of health and demonstrates that you need to maintain a balance in your emotional and mental activities as well as your physical diet and exercise, as they are all deeply interrelated.

The Chakras located on the lower part of our body are our instinctual side, the highest ones our mental side. The Chakras can have various levels of activity. When they are open they are considered operative in a normal fashion.

Ideally, all Chakras would contribute to our being. Our instincts would work together with our feelings and thinking. However, this usually is not the case. Some Chakras are not open enough (being under-active) and to compensate, other chakras are over-active. The ideal state is where the Chakras are balanced.

It makes no sense to try to make over-active Chakras less active, as they are compensating for other Chakras which are under-active. To restore the compensation they would be over-active again in no time. To stop them from compensating, the Chakras they are compensating for must be opened. Then all Chakras will be in balance.

By understanding the association between the Chakra's and the glands you can see how Healing can benefit a multitude of illnesses affecting your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Your consciousness, your experience of being, represents everything it is possible for you to experience. All of your senses, all of your perceptions, all of your possible states of awareness, can be divided into seven categories and each of these categories can be associated with a particular Chakra.

Thus, the Chakras represent not only particular parts of your physical body but also particular parts of your consciousness. When you feel tension in your consciousness, you feel it in the Chakra associated with the part of your consciousness experiencing the stress and in the parts of the physical body associated with that Chakra.

When there is tension in a particular part of your consciousness and therefore in the Chakra associated with that part of your consciousness, the tension is detected by the nerves of the plexus associated with that Chakra and communicated to the parts of the body controlled by that Plexus.

When the tension continues over a period of time or reaches a particular degree of intensity, the person creates a symptom on the physical level. Again, the symptom serves to communicate to the person through their body what they have been doing to themselves in their consciousness.

When the person changes something about their way of being, they are able to release the stress that had been creating the symptom and they are then able to return to their natural state of balance and good health.

Everything begins with your consciousness. Everything that happens in your life and everything that happens in your body, begins with something happening in your consciousness. Your consciousness, your experience of being, who you really are, is energy. We can call it "life energy" for now. This energy does not just live in your brain, it fills your entire body. Your consciousness is connected to every cell in your body.

Through your consciousness, you can communicate with every cell in your body. Through your consciousness you can communicate with every organ and every tissue. A number of therapies are based on this communication with the organs which have been affected by some kind of symptom or disorder.

This energy which is your consciousness and which reflects your state of consciousness, can be measured through the process known as Kirlian Photography. When you take a Kirlian Photograph of your hand, it shows a certain pattern of energy. If you take a second photograph while imagining that you are sending Love and energy to someone you know, there will be a different pattern of energy shown on the Kirlian Photograph. Thus, we can see that a change in your consciousness creates a change in the energy field that is being photographed, which we call the Aura. This energy field shown in the Kirlian Photographs has been quantified, so that when there are "holes" in particular parts of the energy field, these are said to correspond to particular weaknesses in specific parts of the physical body.

The interesting thing about this is that the weakness shows up in the energy field before there is ever any evidence of it on the physical level. Thus, we have an interesting direction of manifestation shown through what we have described:

A change of consciousness creates a change in the energy field.

A change in the energy field happens before a change in the physical body.

The direction of manifestation is from the consciousness, through the energy field to the physical body. When we look at things this way, we see that it is not the physical body creating the energy field, the Aura, but rather the Aura or energy field that is creating the physical body. What we see as the physical body is the end result of a process that begins with the consciousness.

Energy Healing can Realign, unblock and balance your Chakras. This provides Healing on an emotional, physical and spiritual level which ultimately leads to better health, a better state of well being.


The Root Chakra is associated with the reproductive glands. It is the centre of physical energy, grounding and self-preservation. The Root Chakra governs the back, feet, hips, spine and legs.

The Root Chakra is about being physically there and feeling at home in situations.

Balanced: Grounded/ stable/ secure. You don't unnecessarily distrust people. You feel present in the here and now and connected to your physical body. You feel you have sufficient territory.

Under-active: Fearful/ nervous. Easily feel unwelcome.

Over-active: Materialistic/ Greedy. You are probably obsessed with being secure and resist change.

Connecting Gland: The Adrenals (at the top of the kidneys) They produce several hormones including adrenalin, which stimulates the "fight or flight" response and ties directly to the Base Chakra's survival drive. This Chakra is related to the gonads in males.

Possible physical areas affected:

Anorexia, Obesity, Osteoarthritis, Auto-Immune Disease, Arthritis, Cancer, AIDS, Fatigue, Kidney, Spinal Column, Issues are: security and survival.


The Sacral Chakra governs the sexual organs, bladder, bowel and lower intestine. This Chakra is about feeling and sexuality. When it is open, your feelings flow freely and are expressed without you being over emotional.

Balanced: You are open to intimacy and you can be passionate and lively. You have no problems dealing with your sexuality.

Under-active: Stiffness/ unemotional/ having a poker face. You are not very open to people.

Over-active: over-emotional. You will feel emotionally attached to people and can be very sexual.

Connecting Gland: The Ovaries/Testicles The ovaries control sexual development and egg creation as well as controlling the levels of oestrogen and progesterone. The potential for life in the ovaries is mirrored in the drives of the Sacral Chakra.

Possible physical areas affected: Bladder problems, Frigidity, Gall and Kidney Stones, Reproductive Organs, Vaginal Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Pelvic Disease, issues are - physical and material desires.


The Navel Chakra governs the stomach, upper intestines, upper back and upper spine.

This Chakra is about asserting yourself in a group.

Balanced: Feel in control/ high self esteem.

Under-active: Passive and indecisive.You are probably timid and don't get what you want.

Over-active: Dominating and aggressive.

Connecting Gland: The Pancreas. It secretes substances for the digestion of food, such as insulin.

When this Chakra is over stimulated it can cause problems with excess blood sugar, the major cause of diabetes.

An under stimulated stomach Chakra can lead to ulcers.

Possible physical areas affected: Diabetes, Digestive / Adrenal organ illness, Hypoglycaemia, issues are - power and control.


The Heart Chakra is associated with the circulatory System and thymus Gland. It is the centre of Compassion, Love, Group Consciousness and Spirituality.

The Heart Chakra governs the heart, lungs, blood and circulation.

Balance: Compassionate and friendly, you work at harmonious relationships.

Under-active: Cold and distant.

Over-active: You are suffocating people with your Love and your Love probably has quite selfish reasons.

Connecting Gland: The Thymus. It is located above the heart and produces lymphocytes, which form a vital part of the body's immune response.

This quality relates the thymus to the healing properties of the Heart Chakra.

The healing promoted by this Chakra links it to the thymus.

Possible physical areas affected: Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Heart Problems, Thymus, Blood, Circulatory System, Involuntary Muscles. Issues are - Love.


The Throat Chakra is associated with the Respiratory System/ Thyroid Gland. It is the centre for sound, communication, speech, writing and thought expression.

The Throat Chakra governs the throat, thyroid, mouth, teeth, tongue and jaw.

Balanced: Self expressive and creativity.

Under-active: Introverted and shy. Not speaking the truth may block this Chakra.

Over-active: Overly talkative, domineering.

Connecting gland: The Thyroid. Producing thyroxine, which controls the rate at which the body converts food into useful energy. Therefore the thyroid governs the rate of metabolism in the body.

Possible physical areas affected: Asthma, Neck Problems, Lungs, Hypoactive Thyroid, Throat, Jaw, Alimentary Canal, Vocal Cords. Issues are - communication.


The Third Eye Chakra is associated with the Autonomic Nervous System/Pituitary Gland. It is the centre of psychic power, spirit energies, higher intuition and light.

The Third Eye Chakra governs the pituitary gland, pineal gland, skull, eyes, brain, nervous system and the senses. This Chakra is about insight and visualisation.

Balanced: Intuitive.

Under-active: Dependant on others. Rigid in your thinking, relying on beliefs too much. Easily confused.

Over-active: Live in a world of fantasy. In excessive cases hallucinations are possible.

Connecting gland: The Pituitary Gland. Positioned near the base of the skull, it releases hormones influencing body chemistry.

The spiritual energies of the Brow Chakra are reflected in the pituitary's influence on the whole body.

Possible physical areas affected: Glaucoma, Headaches, Neurological problems, Cerebellum, Nose, Pituitary, Central Nervous System, Left Eye. Issues are - clairvoyance.


The Crown Chakra is associated with the central nervous system/Pineal gland. It is the centre of enlightenment, dynamic thought, truth and oneness.

The Crown Chakra governs the top of the spinal cord, brain stem, pain centre and nerves.

This Chakra is about wisdom and being one with the world.

Open/ balanced: Unprejudiced, aware of the world and self.

Under-active: Not aware spiritually.

Over-active: Rigid in your thinking, too intellectualising. Addicted to spirituality, could be ignoring bodily needs.

Connecting gland: The Pineal Gland. It lies deep within the brain and produces melatonin. Melotonin affects the other glands in the endocrine system and mirrors the Crown Chakra's relationship with the other Chakra's.

This gland and Chakra hold sway over the entire system.

cs;sq;if cWg;G mf;FgQ;rh; - SUJOK – LEVEL – 1

tFg;gpy; elj;Jk; ghlq;fs;:

cly; cWg;G gw;wpa gapw;rp: kdpj clypy; cWg;Gfspd; tyJ> ,lJ miktplq;fs;. clypy; cWg;Gfspd;gzpfs; Fwpj;j mwptpay;> rpj;jh;fs; $wpa cz;ikfs; mlq;fpa gapw;rp mspf;fg;gLk;.

cs;sq;if cWg;G mf;FgQ;rh;:

  • cs;sq;ifapy; ,aw;ifahf mike;Js;s cly; miktplq;fs;.
  • cs;sq;ifapy; ,aw;ifahf mike;Js;s cly; cWg;Gfs;
  • clNyhL xj;J NghFk; xg;gPLfs;.
  • cs;sq;ifapy; cs;s cly; cWg;Gfis ghpNrhjpf;Fk; Kiw.
  • cs;sq;ifapy; ghpNrhjpj;j cly; cWg;GfSf;F rf;jp Cl;Ljy;.
  • cly; cWg;GfSf;F cs;sq;ifapy; rf;jp Cl;Ljy; tiffs;:
    • 1. typapy;yh Crp Vw;Wjy;
    • 2. rpwpa 6 tif fhe;jq;fspy; rf;jp Cl;Ljy;
    • 3.  10 tif tpijfis itj;J rf;jp Cl;Ljy;
    • 4. ,iyfis itj;J rf;jp Cl;Ljy;
    • 5. nja;tPf nghUl;fis itj;J rf;jp Cl;Ljy;
    • 6. mjph;T fUtp %yk; rf;jp Cl;Ljy;
    • 7. mOj;j Kiwapy; rf;jp Cl;Ljy;
    • 8. njhL Kiwapy; rf;jp Cl;Ljy;
    • 9. kyh; kUe;J Kiwapy; rf;jp Cl;Ljy;
    • 10. ,aw;ifahd nghUl;fis itj;J rf;jp Cl;Ljy;
    • 11. typfis ,iyfis itj;J rkgLj;Jk; rpfpr;ir
    • 12. Nkhf;rh %yk; rf;jp Cl;Ljy;
  • cs;sq;ifapy;; ,aw;ifahf mike;Js;s cly; th;k Kbr;Rfspd; miktplq;fs; mwpjy;.
  • th;k Kbr;Rfspd; miktplq;fis rf;jp Cl;b cly; cWg;GfSf;F rf;jp Cl;Ljy;Ljy;.
  • cs;sq;ifapy;; ,aw;ifahf mike;Js;s clypy; cs;s 7 rf;fuq;fis miktplq;fs; mwpjy;.
  • clypy; cs;s 7 rf;fuq;fis cs;sq;ifapy; rf;jp Cl;b cly; cWg;GfSf;F rf;jp Cl;Ljy;.

xU Nehahspf;F rpfpr;ir mspf;Fk; NghJ me;Neha;> rpfpr;ir mspg;gtiu ghjpf;fhJ ,Uf;f rpwg;G gapw;rp mspf;fg;gLk;

cyf gQ;r G+j tpsf;fk;:

cyfj;jpy; ntl;l ntspapy; ,Uf;Fk; gQ;r G+jcUthfpa tpsf;fq;fs;> gzpfs;> xt;nthd;Wf;Fk; cs;s njhlh;Gfs; gw;wp mwptpay;> rpj;jh;fs; $wpa cz;ikfs; mlq;fpa gapw;rp tFg;G.

cyfj;jpy; kw;Wk; kdpj clypy; ,Uf;Fk; fU - cU YIN – YANG tpsf;fk;:

cyfj;jpy; ntl;l ntspapy; ,Uf;Fk; fU - cUcUthfpa tpsf;fq;fs;> gzpfs;> xt;ntd;Wf;Fk; cs;s njhlh;Gfs;> cyfk; kw;Wk; kdpj clypy; ,Uf;Fk; fU – cUf;fhd njhlh;Gfs;>nray;ghLfs;> gzpfs; Fwpj;j gapw;rp mspf;fg;gLk;.

gQ;r G+jj;Jld; kdpj cly; njhlh;Gfs;:

cyfj;jpy; ntl;l ntspapy; ,Uf;Fk; gQ;rG+j clypy;; vt;thW khw;wk; milfpwJ gw;wpa mwptpay;> rpj;jh;fs; $wpa cz;ikfs;> clypy;; gQ;rG+j rf;jpfs; nray;ghLk; tpjk;>gQ;rG+j rf;jpfs; rPh;Nfl;lhy; cUthFk; Neha;fs; njhlh;Gfs;>nray;ghLfs;> gzpfs; Fwpj;j gapw;rp mspf;fg;gLk;.

gQ;rG+j rf;jpfs; rPh;Nfl;Lfs;:

gQ;rG+j rf;jpfs; nray;ghLk; tpjk;> gQ;rG+j rf;jpfs; rPh;Nfl;lhy; xt;nthU gQ;rG+j rf;jpfSk; cUthf;Fk; Neha;fs; kw;Wk; FzgLj;Jk; rpfpr;ir Kiw mwptpay;> rpj;jh;fs; $wpa cz;ikfs; mlq;fpa gapw;rp mspf;fg;gLk;.

Neha;fis FzgLj;Jk; R+j;jpuk; FORMULAS:

gQ;rG+j rf;jpfs; rPh;Nfl;lhy; cUthf;Fk; Neha;fis FzgLj;j ghh;Kyh %yk; xt;nthU gQ;rG+j rf;jpfSf;Fk; rpfpr;ir mspf;Fk; vspikahd gy tifahd 500 Neha;fis FzgLj;Jk; gapw;rp mspf;fg;gLk;.

rf;jp Xl;lghij rpfpr;ir:

gQ;rG+j rf;jpfs; rPh;Nfl;lhy; cUthf;Fk; Neha;fisrf;jp Xl;lghijapy; ghh;Kyh gb Crp Vw;wp gy tifahd Neha;fis FzgLj;Jk; gapw;rp

rf;jpXl;lg; ghij rpfpr;ir Kiwfs;:

  • typ ,y;yh Crp Vw;Wjy;
  • gl;ld; fe;jq;fs; %yk; rf;jp Cl;Ljy;
  • Nyrh; xsp %yk; rf;jp Cl;Ljy;
  • njhL Kiwapy; rf;jp Cl;Ljy;
  • gay; fhe;jk; %yk; rf;jp Cl;Ljy;

xw;iw Crp rpfpr;ir - njhl;lhy; Rfk; SINGLE NEEDLE THERAPHY - TOUCH THERAPHY

,aw;if md;id jd;dplKs;s vy;yhtw;iwAk;> vy;NyhUf;Fk; rkkhf tpUg;G> ntWg;G ,d;wp toq;fp tUfpwhs;. ,aw;if g+kpapy; gilj;j caphpdq;fSf;F xU tiuKiw> fl;Lg;ghl;il tpjpj;Js;sJ. Mdhy; kdpj caphpdj;jpw;F kl;Lk; ,aw;ifia my;yJ g+kpia KOtJkhf mDgtpf;Fk; chpikia nfhLj;Js;sJ. kdpjdhy; g+kpapy; Vw;gLj;Jk; midj;J gjpTfSk; my;yJ tpisTfSk; kdpj clypYk; tpisTfis Vw;gLj;JfpwJ. kdpj clypy; Vw;glf;$ba ,aw;if rPh;NfLfis mk;kdp;jNd rPuikf;Fk; rf;jpiaAk; mwpitAk; ngw;Ws;shd;. ,e;j ,ufrpaq;fis ,aw;ifNahL xd;wp tho;e;j fw;fhy kdpjDk; mjd; gpd;dhy; te;j Kd;Ndhh;;fSk;> Kdpth;fSk;> hp\pfSk; jd; mDgtq;fis fz;Lgpbg;Gfis VLfspy;> fy;ntl;Lfspy; gjpT nra;Js;sdh;. ,itfNs ,d;W gy ehLfspy; gad;gLj;jg;gl;L tUfpd;wd. ,k;kUj;Jtj;jpw;F gpwg;gplkhf ,e;jpah> jkpo;ehL Kf;fpaj;Jtk; ngWfpd;wJ. ehk; ,d;W goik tha;e;j ghuk;ghpakpf;f ek; ehl;bd; njhd;ikf;F Vw;g gy Mz;Lfshf ek; Kd;Ndhh; fshfpa Kdpth;fSk;> hp\pfSk; jd; mDgtq;fspy; filg;gpbj;J Neha; jPh;j;j ,aw;if xd;wpa mf;FgQ;rh; Kiwfis gapy;Nthk;. ehk; ek; ehl;L ghuk;ghpakpf;f eilKiwapy; gQ;rg+j Row;rp mikg;Gfspd;gb mf;F gQ;riu gad;gLj;j njhpe;jhy; kl;LNk Neha;fis fisa KbAk;. ,itfSk; ek; Kd;Ndhh;fs; gad;gLj;jpa ,ufrpaq;fspy; xd;whFk;. ,e;j ,ufrpaq;fis ehKk; #l;Rkkhf mwpe;J Neha;fis fisNthkhf.

ehbg; ghh;f;Fk; Kiw:

tyJ ifapy; Kjy; ehbj;Jbg;gpy; Ms;fhl;b tpuy; itj;J ghh;f;Fk;NghJ ehk; mq;F Jbg;ig czh;e;jhy; mJ clypy; Mfha %yg;nghUs; ,Ug;gijAk;> 2tJ ehbapy; Jbg;ig czh;e;jhy; clypy; epyk; %yg;nghUs; ,Ug;gijAk;> 3tJ ehbapy; Jbg;ig czh;e;jhy; clypy; neUg;G %yg;nghUs; ,Ug;gij czh;j;JfpwJ. ,lJ ifapy; Kjy; ehbj;Jbg;gpy; Ms;fhl;b tpuy; itj;J ghh;f;Fk;NghJ ehk; mq;F Jbg;ig czh;e;jhy; clypy; neUg;G %yg;nghUs; ,Ug;gijAk; 2tJ ehbapy; Jbg;ig czh;e;jhy; clypy; kuk; %yg;nghUs; ,Ug;gijAk;> 3tJ ehbapy;; Jbg;ig czh;e;jhy; mJ clypy; ePh;; %yg;nghUs; ,Ug;gij czh;j;JfpwJ.

,d;W gbf;Fk; cz;ikahd fy;tp Qhdj;jpd; kPJ kl;LNk ek;gpf;if itAq;fs;. Kaw;rpapy; jsh;e;J tplhjPh;fs;. cq;fSila RaKaw;rpapd; gydhf ePq;fs; mwpahj> ed;ikahd gyj;Jld; cz;ikfis nfhz;L te;J cq;fsplk; Nrh;f;Fk;. ,f;fy;tp Qhdj;ij ahuhYk; mopf;fTk;> tpkh;r;rpf;fTk;> mgfhpf;fTk; KbahJ. ePq;fs;; epidj;jhNy FzkhFk;. ,JNt Neh; top. xw;iw Crp rpfpr;ir - njhl;lhy; Rfk; khjj;jpw;F xUKiw rpfpr;ir nfhLj;jhNy NghJkhdJ MFk;.

caph;g;gpay; fhe;j rf;jp rpfpr;ir gapw;rp

"tUKd;dh;f; fhthjhd; tho;f;if vhpKd;dh;
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"clk;ghh; mopapd; capuhh; mopth;
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kdpj cly; Neha;fs; gpukpL clypy; itf;Fk; ,lk; rpfpr;ir Neuk;
  • jiy Kd;gf;f typ
  • jiy Fj;jy;> ,bg;G
  • jiyapy; ePh; Nfhh;g;G
  • jiyapy; euk;G Jbg;G
  • jiy Ml;lk;> eLf;fk;
  • jiy cr;rpapy; typ
  • jiy gpd;gf;f typ
  • jiy gplhp typ> gpbg;G
  • jiy rpy;ypl;L,Uj;jy;
  • fha;r;rypdhy; jiytyp
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  • kdk; mikjpapd;ik
  • kd gjl;lk
  • xU gf;f jiytyp
  • new;wp nghl;L njwpg;G
  • new;wp typ
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  • J}ug;ghh;it
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  • ghh;itf; NfhshW
  • xw;iwj; jiytyp
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  • %f;F rt;T Ntf;fhL
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  • mbf;fb rpy;Y %f;F ciljy;
  • %f;fpy; rsp milg;G
  • %r;R tpl rpukk;>milg;G
  • %f;F rpte;J>cs;> ntsp Gz;
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  • fhjpy; mbgl;ljhy; typ
  • fhJ tpl;L tpl;L Nfl;gJ
  • fhJ cl;Gw Neha;
  • fhjpy; rPo; tbjy;
  • nrtpl;Lj; jd;ik
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  • gy; Kisf;f gpur;rid
  • gy; Nehahy; thapy; fl;b
  • gy; njhw;wy; cjL Gz;
  • cs; thapy; Gz;fs;
  • gy; Nth;g;gFjp rPo;Neha;
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  • gy; Fop g+r;rp
  • gy; Fop tpOjy;
  • gy; Nth; Nja;jy;
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  • Kfj;jpy; Njky;
  • Kfj;jpy; kq;F tpOjy;
  • njhz;il Gz;
  • tpOq;Ftjpy; rpukk;
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  • Fuy; tis myh;[p
  • Fuy; ,ayhik
  • ijuha;L Rug;gp myh;[p
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  • ,Uja Jbg;G NfhshW
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  • ,ja jkzpapy; NfhshW
  • rpiw>jkzp thy;Tfspy; NfhshW
  • Fiwthd khjtplha;
  • #jf typ (Manopause)
  • mjpf khjtplha;
  • rpidg;ig tPf;fk;
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  • fUg;igapy; fUf;fl;b
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  • khh;gf Gw;WNeha;
  • khh;gfk; fy;Nghd;W typj;jy;
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  • rpWePuff; fw;fs;
  • rpWePuff; fw;fshy;
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  • ghhpr thA rh;f;fiu Neha;
  • euk;G kz;ly jsh;T Neha;
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  • tpiu myh;[p
  • tpe;J ePh;j;J ,Uj;jy;
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  • %l;L ,izg;G tPf;fk;
  • thj Nuhfk;
  • if> fhy; %l;Lfs; tPf;fk;
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ghjpf;fg;gl;l ,lj;jpy; gpukpL itf;fTk; (m) gpukpL fPo; mkh;e;J ,Uf;fTk;

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Fiwe;jJ 30 epkplq;fs; Xa;tpy; ,Uf;Fk; NghJ (m) gyd fpilf;Fk; tiu

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jhJ cg;Gfs; - BIO SALT

jhJ cg;G ngah; kdpj clypy; jhJ cg;G mike;J ,Uf;Fk; ,lq;fs;
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kyu; kUe;Jt gapw;rp

kyu; kUj;Jtk; mwpKfk;: kyu; kUe;Jfis yz;lid Nrh;e;j mNyhgjp lhf;lh; vl;th;L - 1930y; fz;Lgpbj;jhh;;;. ,th; jhd; nfhLf;Fk; mNyhgjp kUe;Jfs; jPik tpistpf;fpd;wd vd;W N`hkpNah kUe;Jfis nfhLj;J Neha;fis KOikahf FzgLj;jp ntw;wp mile;jhh;> ,Ue;jNghjpYk; N`hkpNah kUe;Jfis Njh;e;J vLg;gjpy; kpfTk; rpukgl;lhh;. ve;j tpahjpf;Fk; kdNk %y fhuzk; vd;W Ghpe;J nfhz;lhh;. kdjpy; Ntiy nra;af; $ba kUe;Jfis Muha;e;jhh;. mjw;fhf 1930y; fhl;Lf;F Nghdhh;. fhLfspy; cs;s kyu;fs; kdjpy; khw;wk; nra;tij czh;e;jhh;. kdij xOq;FgLj;j $ba 38 kyu;fisj; Njh;e;J vLj;J kyh; kUe;J jahhpj;jhh;.

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clypy; 90 % Neha;fs; kdjpdhy; Vw;gLfpd;wJ. mjdhy; kdjpd; - vz;zq;fs;> nray;fs;> czh;r;rpfs;> ntspghLfs;> fhuzq;fs;> epiyg;ghLfs;> mk;rq;fs;> MSikfs;> gof;fq;fs; Nghd;w Nehahspapd; Fwpfis mwpe;J kyh; kUe;J nfhLj;J kdk; kw;Wk; Neha;fs; ,uz;ilAk; FzgLj;jyhk;.

,uz;L ehl;fs;; gapw;rp my;yJ 4 Qhap;W fpoikfspy; miuehs; gapw;rp tFg;G - Nehl;> Ngdh> czT> NjePh;> Gj;jfk;> Kf;fpadhd 20 kyu; kUj;Jfs;>400 Neha;fSf;fhd rpfpr;ir Gj;jfk;; cl;gl gapw;rp fl;lzk; Rs 6000 –( Bss rhd;wpjo; cl;gl)Kd; gjpT> BSS CERTIFICATE IN ALCHOHOL DE- ADDICTION BY ACUPUNCTURE & FLOWER MEDICINErhd;;wpjo; toq;fg;gLk;.

XNrhd; rpfpr;ir Kiwfs;:

caphpdq;fSf;F Md XNrhd; rpfpr;irapy; ,U rpfpr;ir Kiwfs; cs;sd.mit> 1. cs; rpfpr;ir –Internal treatment 2. ntspg;Gw rpfpr;ir - External treatment

1. cs; rpfpr;ir –Internal treatment cs; rpfpr;ir –Internal treatment rpfpr;ir Kiwapy; caphpdq;fspd; cly; ghjpg;G gFjpapy; kw;Wk; ghjpg;Gs;s cWg;Gfspy; Neubahf Crp %yk; XNrhd; thAit nrYj;jp rpfpr;ir nra;ayhk;. ,t;tpj rpfpr;irfs; ed;whf cly; $W njhpe;jth;fshy; kl;LNk rpfpr;ir nra;a KbAk;.

XNrhd; ntspg;Gw rpfpr;ir - External treatment & Ra rpfpr;ir –Self treatment ntspg;Gw rpfpr;ir - External treatment kw;Wk; Ra rpfpr;ir –Self treatment ,e;j rpfpr;ir Kiwapy; caphpdq;fspd; cly; ghjpg;Gs;s ntspgFjpapy; kw;Wk; ghjpg;Gs;s cWg;Gfspd; ntsp gFjpapy; Neubahf XNrhd; thAit nrYj;jp rpfpr;ir nra;ayhk;. ,t;tpj rpfpr;irfis njugp];Lfs; kw;Wk; nghJkf;fs; $l vspa Ra rpfpr;ir Kiwapy; nra;J nfhs;s KbAk;. mit>

  • Water Treatment ePh; rpfpr;ir
  • Oil Treatment vz;nza; rpfpr;ir
  • Packing Treatment %ly; rpfpr;irfs;
  • Air Cleaning Treatment fhw;iw Rj;jgLj;Jk; rpfpr;ir

MFk;. ,itfspd; tpsf;fq;fis ghh;g;Nghk;. mjw;F Kd; tPl;bw;F gad;gLj;j $ba XNrhd; fUtp gw;wp mwpe;Jf;nfhs;Nthk;. Ra rpfpr;ir Kiwf;F tPl;by; gad;gLj;j $ba XNrhd; fUtp 400mgs XNrhd; jahh; nra;J ntspgLj;JfpwJ. ,e;j XNrhd; thAit gad;gLj;jp Water Treatment - ePh; rpfpr;ir> Oil Treatment - vz;nza; rpfpr;ir> Packing Treatment - %ly; rpfpr;ir Kiwfs; vg;gb nra;ayhk; vd;W tpsf;fkhf ghh;g;Nghk;.

Water Treatment ePh; rpfpr;ir:

Drinking Water treatment & disinfection – FbePh; rpfpr;ir kw;Wk; njhw;W ePf;fk; Fbf;Fk; 20 ypl;lh; jz;zPhpy; Neubahf XNrhd; thAit 30 epkplq;fs; nrYj;jp me;ePiu Fbf;fyhk;. XNrhd; fye;j ePiu Fbg;gjhy; clYf;F gy ed;ikfs; Vw;gLfpd;wd.

tho;f;iff;F 100%mtrpakhd ny`h; Mz;nldh - vdh;[p l;hPl;nkd;l (100% ENERGY TREATMENT)

vh;d];l; ny`h; vd;w n[h;khdpa tpQ;Qhdp (1856-1926) G+kpapd; fjph;tPr;Rfis mwpa ny`h; Mz;nldh vDk; fUtpiaf; fz;Lgpbj;jhh;. mtUf;F gpd; gy tpQ;Qhdpfs; G+kpapd; fjph;tPr;Rfs; kl;Lk; my;yhJ kdpj clypd; fjph;tPr;Rfis mwpAk; Kaw;rpapy; ,f;fUtpia Nkk;gLj;jpdhh;fs;. ,f;fUtpapd; %yk; kdpj clypy; Njhd;Wk; Neha;fs; ntspgLj;Jk; fjph;tPr;Rfis nfhz;L Neha;fisAk; kw;Wk; ghjpf;fg;gl;l cWg;GfisAk; fz;Lgpbj;J tplyhk; clypd;; Neha;fspd; fjph;tPr;Rfis KiwgLj;jp cly; Neha;fis mfw;wyhk;. ,r;rpfpr;ir Kiw vdh;[p l;hPl;nkd;l; (ENERGY TREATMENT) vdg;gLfpwJ.

ny`h; Mz;nldh %yk; kdpj clYf;fhd 100% Jy;ypakhd rpfpr;ir Kiw:

  • cly; ghjpg;Gfs; mwpjy;> mtw;iw vspaKiwapy; mfw;Wjy;.
  • cly; cWg;G ghjpg;Gfs; mwpjy;> mtw;iw vspaKiwapy; mfw;Wjy;.
  • kdpj cly; 7 rf;fuq;fis ghpNrhjpj;jy;> J}a;ikg;gLj;Jjy;> rf;jp Vw;Wjy;.
  • kd eyghjpg;Gfis mwpjy;> mtw;iw vspaKiwapy; mfw;Wjy;.
  • kdpj cly; ghjpg;Gfshd fz;jpU\;b> nghwhik> nra;tpid> jParf;jpfspd; mwpjy;> mtw;iw vspaKiwapy; mfw;Wjy;.

kdpj trpg;gplj;jpYk;> Rw;WGwj;jpYk; Vw;glf;$ba ghjpg;Gfshd fz;jpU\;b> nghwhik> nra;tpid> jParf;jpfspd; mwpjy;> mitfis vspaKiwapy; mfw;Wjy;.

njhopypy; Vw;glf;$ba ghjpg;Gfshd fz;jpU\;b> nghwhik> nra;tpid> jParf;jpfspd; mwpjy;> mtw;iw vspaKiwapy; mfw;Wjy;.

th];J FiwghLfisAk;> ghjpg;GfisAk; mwpjy;> vspaKiwapy; mtw;iw mfw;Wjy;.

Nfhs;fspd; FiwghLfisAk;> ghjpg;GfisAk; mwpjy;> mtw;iw vspaKiwapy; mfw;Wjy;.

epa+kuhy[p> N[hjplk;> nja;t FiwghLfisAk;> ghjpg;GfisAk; mwpjy;> mtw;iw mfw;Wjy;

FLk;g cWg;gpdh;fs; kw;Wk; cwtpdh;fSf;F ,ilapyhd kd Ntw;Wikfis ePf;Fjy;.

100% Jy;ypakhd rpfpr;ir Kiwfs;:

  • mNyhgjp> N`hkpNah> rpj;jh> MAh;Ntjpf;> kyh; kUj;Jtk;> jhJcg;G> %ypif KUe;Jfis kUj;Jth;fs; ghjpf;fg;gl;l Nehahspf;F rhpahd kUe;ij Mz;nldh Njh;T %yk; nra;ayhk;.
  • ghjpf;fg;gl;l Nehahspf;F rhpahd mf;FgQ;rh; nkhpBad;> gQ;rG+j Gs;spfisj; Njh;T ny`h; Mz;nldh %yk; nra;ayhk;.
  • nua;fp> g;uhdpf; `Pypq;> fphp];ly; `Pypq;> njhiynjhlh;G `Pypq; ny`h; Mz;nldh %yk; nra;ayhk;.
  • ePNuhl;lk; ny`h; Mz;nldh Njh;T %yk; nra;ayhk;.
  • xU nghUspd;> %ynghUspd; juj;ij vj;jid rjtPjk; vd ghh;f;fyhk;.
  • xU nghUspd;> %ynghUspd; jPafjph;tPr;Rfis vj;jid rjtPjk; vd ghh;f;f> mtw;iw ePf;fyhk;. ,g;gb gy fjph;tPr;Rfis mwpayhk;.

,uz;L ehl;fs;; gapw;rp my;yJ 4 Qhap;W fpoikfspy; miuehs; gapw;rp tFg;G – Nehl;> Ngdh> czT> NjePh;> Gj;jfk;> xhp[pdy; 1 ny`h; Mz;nldh fUtp>100 Neha;fSf;fhd rpfpr;ir Gj;jfk; midj;Jk; cl;gl gapw;rp fl;lzk; Rs 10200 –Kd; gjpT mtrpak;> Kd; gzk; Rs 6000 nrYj;j Ntz;Lk;.

ஆதார (CHAKRA) மருத்துவ நுட்ப சிகிச்சை & முத்திரை தியான தூண்டல் முறை

எண் ஆதாரங்கள் பஞ்ச பூதங்கள் உடல் & உடலியக்கம்
1 மூலாதாரம் பஞ்ச பூதங்கள் குண்டலினி சக்தி
2 சுவாதிட்டானம் பிருதிவி எலும்பு, தசைதோல், நரம்பு, மயிர்
3 மணிப் பூரகம் அப்பு சிறுநீர், உமிழ்நீர், வியர்வை, ரத்தம், சுக்கிலம்
4 அனாகதம் தேயு தூக்கம், பசி, தாகம், சோம்பல், சேர்க்கை
5 விசுத்தி வாயு ஓடல், படுத்தல், நடத்தல், உட்காரு, தாண்டல்
6 ஆக்கினை ஆகாயம் மோகம், இராகம், துவேசம், பயம், நாணம்

ஆதார மருத்துவ நுட்பங்கள்

நோய்கள் முதலில் ஆதாரங்களை பாதிப்படையச் செய்து பின்பு நாடிகளை பாதிப்படையச் செய்கிறது. நாடிகள் பாதிப்படைவதைத் தொடர்ந்து மத்திய நரம்பு மண்டலும் தொடர்ந்து நாளமில்லாச் சுரப்பிகளும் பாதிப்படையகின்றன.

பாதிப்படைந்த உறுப்புக்களோடு அல்லது மண்டலத்தோடு தொடர்புடைய ஆதாரத்தை கண்டறிந்து அவற்றுக்கு தகுந்தவாறு மருத்துவம் செய்ய வேண்டும். உதாரணமாக கல்லீரல் நோய்களாக இருந்தால் மணிப்பூராக ஆதாரமும், நுரையீரல் நோய்களாக இருந்தால் விசுத்தி ஆதாரமும் பாதிப்படைந்திருக்கும். எனவே இந்நோய்களுக்கு அதோடு தொடர்புடைய ஆதாரத்தை தூண்டியோ அல்லது சாந்தப்படுத்தியோ தேவைக்கேற்ப மருத்துவம் மேற்கொள்ள வேண்டும்.

குறை செயல்பாட்டுக்கு தூண்டல் சிகிச்சையும், மிகு செயல்பாட்டுக்கு சாந்த சிகிச்சையும் மேற்கொள்ள வேண்டும்.

காந்தசிகிச்சை மூலம் தூண்டல் சிகிச்சை நேரிடையாக அந்தந்த ஆதாரத்தில் - காந்தம் மூலம் சிகிச்சை செய்யலாம். சாந்த சிகிச்சையும் குறிப்பிட்ட அந்த ஆதாரத்த்தில் - காந்தம் மூலம் சிகிச்சை செய்யலாம்.

Cry;Fz;L kw;Wk; nlypnjugp rpfpr;ir gapw;rp (DOWZING & TELE THERAPHY CLASS)

gytif ghjpg;Gfis kw;Wk; Fiwfis fz;L mwpAk; Cry;Fz;L: Cry;Fz;L %yk; cly; cWg;G ghjpg;Gfs; mwpjy;> kdpj trpg;gplj;jpYk; > Rw;WGwj;jpYk; Vw;glf;$ba ghjpg;Gfshd fz;jpU\;b> nghwhik> nra;tpid> jParf;jpfspd; mwpjy;> njhopypy; Vw;glf;$ba ghjpg;Gfshd fz;jpU\;b> nghwhik> nra;tpid> jParf;jpfspd; mwpjy;> th];J FiwghLfisAk;> ghjpg;GfisAk; mwpjy;> vspaKiwapy; mtw;iw mfw;Wjy;. Nfhs;fspd; FiwghLfisAk;> ghjpg;GfisAk; mwpjy;> epa+kuhy[p> N[hjplk;> nja;t FiwghLfisAk;> ghjpg;GfisAk; mwpjy;> ,itfis vspaKiwapy; mfw;Wjy;. FLk;g cWg;gpdh;fs; kw;Wk; cwtpdh;fSf;fpilahd kd Ntw;Wikfis vspaKiwapy; ePf;Fjy;. njhiytpy; cs;s egh;fspd; Fiwfis mwpe;J mf;Fiwfis nlypnjugp ngl;lfk; %yk; vspaKiwapy; mfw;wyhk;.

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  • rpfpr;ir ngWNthUf;F Nehia FzgLj;j Njitahd Ra fUtpfs; toq;fg;gLk;.
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